andDave Solo

andDave with / taping other acts


andDave 2019 Demos

LTGTR, El Paso, Uncle John,  Minglewood,

Wheel> Tons> Shakedown , Terrapin

Touch, Cassidy, Stop That Train,

Playin>Grow>Eternity, Bucket


2018-08-26 Romeoville

Set 1, Set 2


andDave Virtual Tour



andDave Aug 11, 2017 at Miss Kitty’s Saloon
Set 1 (incl Mike Staszak, 

Set2,  Set 3 (incl Eric Peacock)


LTGTR>Bobbi,Playin>China Doll>Playin

Brady andDave at Applebee's (2nd) Last One 12/11/2014


Stop Singin These Sad Songs by Harry Chapin

(7/19/2014 Lunar) (vid by Marty)


China> Rider, Ripple

(6/20/2014 VFW)


Camp & Jam 6/6/2014

Let the Good Times Roll> Touch of Grey,

Cassidy, Jack Straw,

China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider

Scarlet Begonias> Fire on the Mountain Ripple

Recording by Mark McGregor, Mixing by andDave,  


Eyes> Cassidy, Sisters

(5/16/2014 VFW)


Dire Wolf, Run for the Roses,
Mama Tried> Big River, So Many Roads

(2/21/2014 VFW)


Waiting for a Miracle, Ramble on Rose . The Weight

(12/20/2013 VFW)


Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain, Birdsong

(11/15/2013 VFW)

California Earthquake > Silvio
Touch of Grey > Sunshine Daydream >
Dire Wolf, Scarlet Begonias

(9/17/10 VFW)


Cassidy outtro, Gomorrah, Uncle John’s Band
(12/19/10 VFW)


Wood Song, Help On the Way >
Sing Me Back Home > Throwing Stones >
Goin Down the Road > The Wheel >

Good Lovin, Day Job
(10/17/08 LunarPalooza opening set)


The Other One > Eyes of the World >
Tangled Up in Blue

(9/26/2003 at Funky Java)

”Tons of Steel”
(2006 Villa Park Summerfest)

Dark Hollow, Bertha, Henry      
(4/4/06 at Lunar)

They Love Each Other      
(5/1/07 at Lunar)


Cold Rain and Snow,
Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain

(2/5/08 at Lunar)


(4/17/2007 Election Party)

Entire Show . Set 1 . Set 2

(1) The Race is On, Alabama Getaway,
Monkey and the Engineer, Dire Wolf
Queen Jane Approximately,  Jack A Roe,
Deep Elem Blues, Cassidy,
Brown-Eyed Women, Bertha 
(2) Uncle John’s Band, On the Road Again,
Loser> El Paso, Eyes of the World, 
Pancho & Lefty, Box of Rain

Just Some Local  Boys
performing TCB by BTO
(July 1990, Lexington, KY)



old demos


 Sample Show 2014

First Set: Brown-Eyed Women, Scarlet>Fire, Cassidy, Ramble On Rose,

Queen Jane Approximately, Althea, Masterpiece, China>Rider

Second Set: GDTRFB>Midnight Hour, Sugaree, Throwin Stones, Birdsong,

Quinn the Eskimo, Terrapin, Truckin, It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, Ripple


 Sample Show 2013

First Set: Touch of Grey . Me and My Uncle>El Paso Candyman

Stranger>Deal . Hey Pockey Way Pancho and Lefty Run for the Roses

Second Set: Straw>Franklin’s . antics. Terrapin>So Many Roads

. Waiting for a Miracle . Liberty


Truckin> R4tR, Paso> Mama, Candyman, Cassidy, Ramble, Let it Grow> Don’t Ease

Terrapin> Playin> China Doll> Playin> antics> He’s Gone> Miracle> Good Lovin, Quinn


Music> Sugaree> Memphis, Dupree, Birdsong, Big River, Deal, Wood Song
China> Rider, Estimated> Eyes> antics> Wheel> Other One> Days> Love Light, Baby Blue


Bertha, Minglewood, FOTD, Tons, Shakedown> Masterpiece, Scarlet> Fire
Day Job, Monkey, Ship> Women> antics> UJB, Throwin> NFA, Brokedown


Stranger, LTGTR, Stagger> Jane, Althea, Race is On> Dark Hollow, Half Step

GDTRFB>Midnight, Aiko>Watchtower>antics>Earthquake, BIODTL, BE Women, SugarMag, Knockin







My demos of the TruTron3x :  Version 1 talk  . Version 2 music . TwoTron



Commander Jiffy and the Hammond Bros 2020

Bertha, TLEO, Sugaree> Magnolia, Catfish John,
Me & My Uncle, Ramble on Rose, Love Light

Deal, Shakedown, Silvio> China> Rider, Althea,

Don’t Let Go > Fire on the Mountain


Commander Jiffy and the Hammond Bros 2019

Eyes, Charlie, Birdsong, Deal, Minglewood, OMSN

Shakedown, The Other One. Baby Blue, Terrapin Magnolia

Mr. Fantasy, Playin> Pocky, Bertha


Small World Blues Band at Davey’s 3rd Jam

Set 1:

Funky A Thumper(*), Say What, Little Bit of Sympathy,

Don’t Leave Me Standing Here(*),

Burning of the Midnight Lamp, Texas Flood,

Mary Had a Little Lamb, Honey-Do Blues(*),

Red House, Bridge of Sighs

Set 2:

The Fog(*),  Hey Joe> Purple Haze

Ain’t Give Up On Love, Too Rollin Stoned,

Dog Day Boogie(*), Rules Are For Fools(*),

I’m Ready, Hoochie Coochie Man, Voodo Chile

(*) Bradley Krotz Originals


Barely Two Years” of Bare Bones 92-93


Bare Bones Live at the Boulevard 98


Hoosier Air Patrol Jammukka 2013

Ramble on Rose . Jack Straw . Easy Wind Don’t Ease GDTRFB

DealStar 23min King Bee>Don’t Let Go>Masterpiece 22min  .

Eyes>Pockey 23min  Drums/Women 25min Scarlet>Fire 46min .

Speedway>Sugar Magnolia  Wheel . Days Between


Hoosier Air Patrol Jammukka 2012

Catfish John . Good Lovin .

Eternity>DayJob>Rider 24min 

DarkTruckin 60min SugarTwins 70min

HeyNowGloria 112min Jam > NFA > Ripple 30min


The Last Two Weeks of Applebee’s

Open Mic December 11 and 18 2014

A  Few Seconds of Kevin Peters

A  Few Minutes of David Crawford

Jason Wells Solo and w/ Rex, Michael, and Gibson

Troy Chester 12/18

Mitch Barker 12/18

Dodge City Meltdown 12/18

Down Low Kickers 12/18

Sheeza 12/18

Michael Hall 12/18

Cole Woodruff 12/11

Rich Krueger 12/11

Jennifer Wells 12/18

Alexa Wells 12/18

Jared Wells 12/11

Troy Chester 12/11

Ryan Wilson 12/11

andDave 12/11


Strange Weather at Lafayette Fall Fling 11/21/2014


Live at Lunar and LunarPalooza Highlights 2002-2009


LALP2-I Fight Dragons - Faster the Treadmill

LALP2-I Fight Dragons - Heads Up Hearts Down

LALP2-I Fight Dragons - Jenny

LALP2-I Fight Dragons - Power of Love

LALP2-I Fight Dragons - With You

LALP1-Bob Coker-City of New Orleans

LALP1-Bob Musial-Dead Letter

LALP1-Know Idea-Slow Turnin


LALP2-Bob Musial-Garden Party

LALP2-Full Throttle CGO-For Whom the Bell Tolls

LALP2-Full Throttle CGO-Rock Show

LAL01-Killie McGee-Beer and Cigarettes

LAL02-Microblue-Chivalry is Dead-

LAL02-Microblue-Iko Iko

LAL02-Microblue-Minglewood Blues

LAL06-Raine-I'm Ready

LAL07-Crash Edit-Chicken Basket Blues

LAL07-Wombat Carnival-Let Her Go

LAL08-Shagedelics-Wooly Bully

LAL10-Lovesick-Wrap it Up

LAL12-Scottish McMillan-Wolf Whistle

LAL13-Casey-I Had to See

LAL13-Christopher-OtHaFA - Zep

LAL13-Roger Rowe-Nobody Knows You

LAL16-Stew-Live the Life I Love

LAL18-Bob Coker-Beaten Track

LAL18-Bob Coker-The Question

LAL19-Jimmy-Mother May I

LAL19-Microblue-Big River

LAL20-Timeless-Cheap Sunglasses

LAL21-Flying Eyeballs-Terrapin OtherOne

LAL24-Ship of Fools-Standing on the Moon

LAL26-Hard Reign-No More Whiskey One More Time

LAL28-3sixT-Time Cliffs Of Dover

LAL28-Hagans Root-Burning Bush

LAL28-Hagans Root-Jesus Ranch

LAL28-Jess-What DesCartes Says

LAL28-Stew-Further On

LAL35-Captain Ron-Babylon

LAL35-Captain Ron-Watchtower

LAL39-Bob Schmudde-Not Tonight

LAL39-Grateful Ed-Hey Baby

LAL39-Greg Utaski-Instr

LAL50-All About Me-Less Than Zero

LAL50-Fuzz-Cant Hear a Sound

LAL50-Ship of Fools Rugstain Edition-Good Guys RnR All Night

LAL51-andDave-Sisters and Brothers

LAL52-Maryann-You're Not The One For Me

LAL52-Rodney Pate-I Like the Way

LAL56-Hari-Ice Cream Truck

LAL64-Right Rongly-Infinity Grooves

LAL64-Right Rongly-The Boss

LAL64-Right Rongly-The Rumor

LAL64-Right Rongly-You Are Me

LAL68-Paul Allodi-New Shoes

LAL69-Chris-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

LAL69-Chris-I Will Survive

LAL70-Kent Palmer-Melt With You

LAL71-CC and Me-My Jesus Saved Me

LAL71-CC and Me-Still Small Voice

LAL72-Roger Rowe-Little Martha

LAL73-Charlie Batch and the Milfmen-After Midnight

LAL74-Johnny Badlaw-Shotguns Loaded Whiskeys Gone

LAL77-Unkle Neffew-I Saw the Light

LAL77-Unkle Neffew-Wagon Wheel

Right Rongly Live at Lunar #64 Aug 2008

Just Duet Live at Lunar #64 Aug 2008

Al Z  Live at Lunar #55 Dec 2007

Hari  Live at Lunar #56 Nov 2007

Jess Live at Lunar #51 May 2007
Wattson  Live at Lunar #51 May 2007

Rowe/Connel/Hanlon/Tompkins Live at Lunar # 51 May 2007
All About Me (Debut) Live at Lunar #50 April 2007

Killin Time Live at Lunar #39 April 2006

Hard Reign Live at Lunar #38 March 2006

Captain Ron Live at Lunar #35 Dec 2005