In July of 1995, The Grateful Dead had to cancel their second show at Deer Creek after the first show was interrupted by a riot.  The fence at the back of the lawn was pushed OUT BY PEOPLE INSIDE to let hundreds of ticketless fans come in from the back lawn.

The back lawn at Deer Creek was a pretty special place.  You could get decent sound, and in those days, you also got a pretty cool show of other ticketless fans throwing flaming batons and stuff.  Throughout the 90s, they used to let us spend the day there for a $10 parking fee.  Think about it.  You could show up ticketless and get pretty much a Dead Show for $10 a carload. 

It was sweet.  ...Until the riot.     For every cool thing, there's somebody to abuse it.

Please let's all remember that it's all of our scene, and it's our job to keep it in whatever condition we want to have it in.